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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Tuesday, July 21

So, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today's trouble is enough for today.
—Matthew 6:34

Most people we encounter are more than willing to express themselves openly with us. The people we know, and sometimes even new acquaintances, can be surprisingly quick to share their accomplishments and failures, their hopes and their worries. 

They may make light conversation with such greetings as "Hello, how are you doing?" but then right off the bat—before we can even give a full response—they launch into a full accounting of themselves. Sometimes the only option we have as they ramble on and on is wishing we had some popcorn for their verbal slide show.
Yet, it's important to realize that we're like that too. We're so focused on what's happened to us or what we hope will happen to us, that we can't moderate our comments. It is as if we know we need to progress spiritually, but we make decisions by default and find ourselves drifting in time.

While we're consumed with what has happened to us in the past, or worried about our future, the present moment goes by without notice. We just can't seem to place ourselves right here, right now. Perhaps, this is why so many religious traditions urge the practice of mindfulness, awareness, and attention.

We know that we can't change the past, or manipulate the future; we have only the ability to change each moment. This is the power that God has given to us. The power to encounter each situation and circumstance with either a "yes, or a no"—to respond to each circumstance in the moment that it arrives. 

Even then, the full and clear manifestation of our response will not be revealed to us until some uncertain time in the future. There is no "cheat sheet" we can consult in order to see if our answer is accurate. We have only the movement of the Spirit in our soul.

And that, in the eyes of heaven, is all we need.

Today is enough for today. In fact, right now is enough for right now.

Gracious God, help me quiet the noise in my mind, that I may be centered on the moment right before me.