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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Wednesday, July 15

I lift up my eyes to the hills—from where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
—Psalm 121:1, 2

Imagine driving from a small rural town to a major city and experiencing the fear of navigating the freeway all alone with a massive sea of cars and people surrounding you. Truth is: managing a vehicle on any principal highway can be a scary experience,and we can easily and quickly become overstimulated.

It's hard to feel safe when there are so many moving vehicles, when traffic is as congested as an overfull parking lot, and drivers seem to be pre-occupied with anything but driving. What causes the most fear, however, is the road rage that can end in disaster or tragedy. 

Whether we're from a rural area or familiar with city life, there is a sense of helplessness that overtakes us when we find ourselves in a situation where someone filled with rage could turn on us. This example is illustrative of all those times in our lives when we feel alone, or without a helper, or in some kind of danger.  Times when our body or soul feels vulnerable and we feel powerless to protect ourselves.

No matter what our faith tradition, God has placed God's own Spirit in us all. This Spirit of heaven calms us when we're anxious or fearful, when our emotions are troubled or we feel helpless. God's watchful eye is over the whole creation. The deepest truth that can fill our soul is that God never leaves us.

The next time fear begins to overtake you, simply stop and begin to breathe deeply. In your mindful breathing you will be breaking from your fear long enough to become aware of God's Spirit of peace. In the moment that you begin to rest in God, you will find your fear gently dispersing like the ocean tide as it leaves the shore.

Gracious God, give me the courage to know that I can face any situation in my life because in the midst of it all, your Spirit is with me.