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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Thursday, December 31

The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him.
—Luke 2:40

Life sometimes seems to run along the same every day. We can wonder if we are learning anything new, exploring anything new, or discovering anything new. Everything we do seems the same as it did yesterday and the day before that. 

We may not feel we have the time to grow in new ways because so much is demanded of us. Or, we may feel we've done all the growing we need to do because we have been through so much.

In truth, we are being exposed to new situations, new people, new
opportunities every day, even when our lives seem regular and ordinary. We are learning new ways to relate to each other, we are learning about the world, and we are learning about ourselves. 

We, like, Jesus grow in spirit, not because we work at it until our fingers are raw. We grow in spirit because God is with us. We walk in the wisdom and grace of God through every moment of our regular and ordinary days.

When we remember this, somehow when night falls, the day just lived is not so regular or ordinary because it has been touched by heaven.

Gracious God, help me see in the regular patterns of my life the pattern of your love.