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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Tuesday, December 8

For all who are led by the spirit of God, are children of God.
—Romans 8:14

How often has a homeless person walked up to us asking if we have any spare change for food or a night at a local shelter? We often find ourselves trying to avoid this very scenario because we struggle so hard within ourselves for an appropriate answer.

We wonder what they are really going to do with the money if we give it to them. We wonder if they are really in need. We feel slightly angry that they have the nerve to ask us for money when we are struggling ourselves to make ends meet. We know we don’t have anyone trying to ease our burdens!

Think of the times when a friend has asked  for a small loan of a few hundred dollars,and,even though we have the money, we tell them we don’t. Maybe we are unwilling to help because we think their need is unrealistic, or because we think they are making poor choices, or because we see them continuing an unhealthy pattern in their lives. 

At the same time, we may feel a tinge of desire to help because we sense that our friend really may need the money, but our logic overrules the soft whispers of our heart.

Because we are human and cannot enter another's mind or heart to discern his or her motives, we often are at a loss as to whether our gift will do more damage than good. But as children of God we can open ourselves to God's spirit for direction. Faced with others' needs, we can ask God to help us come to their aid and assist them in becoming a blessing to others.

God's response may be completely unexpected, and the help that we offer can be something that we might never have thought of before. Because we are led by the spirit of God,we are blessed children of God. And with that blessing we have the opportunity to bless others.

Gracious God, give us the wisdom to hear your voice with a sincere heart.