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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Saturday, December 26

When they saw this, they made known what had been told them about this child.
—Luke 2:17

One of the things about news is that we like to tell it. Sometimes we spill out news that shouldn't be spilled. Maybe it's demeaning or unhelpful in some way. Maybe it lacks accuracy or leaves fear in its wake.

We see this in the media on a regular basis. It seems that the media believes that the only news that sells is bad news. We're actually surprised when we hear a good news story, a human interest story, a story that uplifts or encourages us. Bad news abounds, but as Christians, we are called to share Good News.

Imagine the difference in the world and in our own lives if we were committed to sharing good news. If every time we witnessed something good and full of grace, we told someone about it. If every time God's action was seen, we shared it. 

If every time another human being lived out the goodness of God, we told the world about it. We would find our own soul filling up with joy, and we would see our own joy reflected in the faces of those who heard our news. Instead of frowns, there would be smiles. 

Instead of hopelessness, there would be anticipation. Instead of negativity, there would be abundance.  It might be worth it for us to start watching for grace and goodness and when you see it, to share it.

Gracious God, open my eyes to the work of goodness around me, and give me the courage to share it with the world.