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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Sunday, December 20

“Sell all that you own and distribute the money to the poor,and you will have treasure in heaven; then come,follow me." But when he heard this, he became sad; for he was very rich.
—Luke 18:22, 23

When we read articles or watch news blips about obesity in our culture, we immediately think we should go on a diet. We suddenly recognize that we have put on more pounds than we should and that our eating habits are out of control. We make an intention to do better, but the next time we pass by a drive-through,we're right there in line ordering a double cheeseburger and fries.

We want to lose weight, but our patterns and habits of eating are strong. We just can't seem to deny ourselves the taste that is so comforting and familiar. It's hard to make certain changes in our lives. We just think we can keep doing what we're doing and get different results.

The young man who wanted to follow Jesus was wealthy. We don't know how wealthy, but we know that when he was given the option of giving up his money to follow Jesus or not follow Jesus at all, he chose the latter.

It seems that his desire for security, luxury, and comfort were strong. He sensed that his soul needed a diet—it needed to be freed of what was making it heavy and holding it down. When he went to see Jesus, he had made an intention to do something about the heaviness of his soul, but when it got right down to it, the drive-through was more attractive than staying centered on the intention of lightening his load.

It may seem difficult to pass by the drive-through line or to give up anything that we find comforting and familiar, but what is on the other side of our sacrifice is the wonder of walking through the world with a fullness that doesn't weigh us down.

Gracious God, help me let go of what keeps me from enjoying your love.