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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Saturday, December 19

Walk before me, and be blameless.
—Genesis 17:1b

It's always hard when we make mistakes or when we willfully choose to do something that we know is not healthy for us or others. We are disappointed in ourselves and regret our actions. When we can, we try to fix our errors and right our wrongs. When we can't, we sometimes find ourselves thinking about what we've done over and over, and we beat ourselves up for not being perfect. 

Psychologists tell us that perfectionism itself is unhealthy—physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  That doesn't seem to stop us from continuing to berate ourselves for our mishaps in life. This is, perhaps, partially fueled by verses such as the one from Genesis. We think that God expects us to be perfect,and when we're not, we can't seem to avoid the guilt and shame that stand so nearby.

What if we stopped trying to do everything right? What if we stopped railing on ourselves when we dropped the ball? What if we placed our focus on walking before God, rather than trying to prove to God that we are worthy of human life?

When we place our focus on walking before God, our heart is in a place of trust rather than fear. We're like a child who knows that their parent will help sort it all out if they get it wrong. When we walk before God, God's mercy sorts out our mistakes and misdeeds. We will be perfect, not because we did everything right, but because God makes it right.

Gracious God, help me trust your mercy and grace when I fail to be all that I can be.