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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Sunday, December 13

Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away.
—Luke 21:33

Once there was a professor who absolutely loved to teach and seemed always to make an impression on students. The professor decided to retire,and within a few years passed away. 

Yet, still the students remembered what the professor had shared with them.  The legacy that the professor left behind was captured in their hearts.  Those lessons continued to make a difference in the way they lived their lives and in the things they shared with their own children.

Jesus' legacy and words of wisdom are still being taught and lived today—some 2000 years after his death. The truth he shared, the lessons he gave, the example of his life have continued to change lives through the centuries.

This is both a promise and a challenge to us. It is a promise because God's words are not casual and temporary. They can be trusted—now and always. It is a challenge because it reminds us that we, like the professor, will leave a legacy ourselves for future generations.

How do we want to live our own lives in order to leave a good mark on society and a lasting example to those who come after us?

Gracious God, when I feel the uncertainty of life, remind me that your words and presence are constant.