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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Thursday, December 10

For nothing will be  impossible with God.
—Luke 1:37

Imagine it. Just when we think we are staring at the greatest adversity of our lives, here comes God. Yes, God. God enters the scene carrying an ancient scroll and riding in a white chariot pulled by a team of pure white steeds. God stands tall in that great white chariot, unrolls the aged scroll and, pulling back on the golden reins of the steeds, calmly states, “You can handle this great task too, my child!”

The task that God refers to may be the task of nursing elderly parents back to health as they nursed us when we were just infants in this world. Or perhaps the task may be working at a low-paying job that doesn’t match our skills or personality just in order to care for our two children. 

Or maybe we’ve finally retired and are ready to enjoy life, and find that family circumstances require us to have sole care for our grandchild without any financial support from either parent. Or,with just a little over two months to go before giving birth to a third child, we learn that our current job is being phased out—right before the probationary period ends; which means no benefits. These are the kinds of adversities that break into our lives and steal our joy.

When God speaks to us from the chariot, telling us that we can handle what we’re given, it is also a reminder that we do not do so alone. God is our strength, our Comforter. St. Paul wrote that we will never face anything that we will not also be given the strength to endure. 

In every adversity of our lives,we have the opportunity to see the miraculous power of God helping and sustaining us, strengthening and filling us with that power. We will not only endure the adversity, but find a blessing hidden within it.

Gracious God, give us the courage to handle adversity with a loving smile and a warm embrace—knowing that the extent of our blessing has yet to be revealed.