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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Written by Renée Miller

Tuesday, August 11

"Righteous lips are the delight of a king and he loves those who speak what is right."
—Proverbs 16:13

There are so many words that roll off our tongue in the course of a day that we might find it difficult to recount to ourselves all that we have said during our day's conversations.  Much of what we say is a response to  images in our mind's eye or the emotions that engulf us and demand our immediate attention.

Usually when we speak, we do not intend to deceive or exaggerate, embellish or demean. We want to speak truthfully and with care. Yet we are still victims of what we see and what we feel. Our responses to those two things often determine the actual words that escape from our lips, words that leave our memories almost as quickly as they're spoken.

On the other hand, we rarely forget the righteous words we speak—words that fall from our lips as un-self-conscious and pure as a first snow in winter. Such pure words aren’t tinged with greed, selfishness, or ego. They are born in the innocence of the soul and they come directly from heaven. 

We know when such words are spoken to us or by us. They are the words that keep us tethered to the Holy. They are the words that help us know our worth. They are the words that make more of us—that give us courage, boldness, and faith. They are the words that change us and change the world.

Gracious God, let the words of heaven drop into my soul and flow from my lips in abundance.