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Signposts: Daily Devotions

Friday, December 26

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God.
—Luke 1:46

Today is Boxing Day in England. The tree comes down, and the tinsel and decorations, along with the extra wrapping paper, are tucked away into a box and put back into the attic, returned to storage for another time, another year.

But Christmas doesn't live in a box. The Good News of Christ is that God breaks the world wide open and destroys all the boxes that hold us in and keep us captive. The one that comes to us in the manger is the one who will keep us open when the world closes us up; the one who will liberate us when we are enslaved by addiction, frustration, or despair; the one who will fling the box open for all people where ever they are.

For me, creating places of quiet in the day reminds me that God has opened me. Taking the time to be still lets me enjoy God's action in my life. Sometimes I pray with words; many times I don't. At other times, I read a favorite poem, scripture, or a short story. Whatever my heart needs in the stillness, I try to provide. The time becomes a remembrance of God's love in my life and how that love has opened me to the real Christmas gift within each one of us.

It is in that place that God reminds me of who I am—I am a cherished child. It is in that place that God keeps the box open and I find myself surrounded by God's goodness. And it is in that place that Christmas is never boxed away.

Giving God, you have opened the whole world with the gift of your love; show me ways to keep myself open that I will always receive the gift of your grace. Amen.