Signposts: Daily Devotions

Tuesday, August 26

For God so loved the world…
—John 3:16


I looked down from the airplane as the pilot announced we were flying over my hometown. Peering out the tiny window, trying to angle my head just right so I might see something I knew, I saw familiar roads and even a couple of large landmark buildings.  

But as I looked I thought how small it seemed, how insignificant, and, as we continued to fly, how quickly the city disappeared, becoming just another part of God's green earth passing below.   We all think about our place as "the place."

And rightly so. It's where we live our lives, know the people, the streets, where to go and where not to go. It's comfortable and forms a large part of who we are. And yet, we are also called as God's people to see beyond our comfort zone, to see our place in the whole of God's creation, and the more difficult step of seeing "their" place as "the place."  

Whether in a foreign country or just across town, all people are God's people. It's not a matter of who believes a certain thing or a certain way. That kind of thinking usually leads to conflict, violence, and destruction. As people who walk with Christ, we are called each day to renew our belief that this is the world "God so loves."  

And that means letting God expand the boundaries of our hearts to places and people we have yet to know as brother and sister. It means letting go of stereotypes and embracing a world where we are all necessary to God's creation. And hopefully, it means that we will follow Christ enough to bring the love of God to all whom we encounter—whether they look like us or not.  

God beyond my understanding, grant me the grace to embrace all of your creation, see it for its goodness, and know that you love all people. Amen.

The Signposts for August are written by Michael Sullivan and originally appeared on explorefaith in 2006.