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Publisher of print and electronic resources for the ecumenical marketplace and official supplier of worship and educational materials for The Episcopal Church.


spiritualityandpractice.comSpirituality & Practice is a multi-faith Web site on ways to practice spirituality in everyday life. Organized around 37 essential practices common in the world’s religions, it includes book, audio, and film reviews; e-courses; online practice circles; teacher profiles; inspirational quotes; video and audio clips; articles; daily celebrations; discussion guides; galleries and art meditations; blogs, and more.



Explorefaith.org does not provide crisis intervention or individual, group or family counseling. For those in need of such services, we offer the following resources:
The Samaritan Counseling Centers of the Mid-South are accredited by The Samaritan Institute, Denver, Colorado. For a list of Samaritan Counseling Centers nationwide, visit the The Samaritan Institute Web site.



It Seems to Me
by Bruce Alderman

Jesus Creed: Exploring the Significance of Jesus and the Orthodox Faith
for the 21st Century by Scot McKnight.

Writing in Faith
by Sandy Carlson

Emerging Women
A safe community where women can deconstruct, brainstorm, network, dream, and encourage.



Please see individual contributors' bios for links to their Web sites and blogs



Beatitudes Society
Working to develop and sustain emerging Christian leaders at seminaries and divinity schools as they study, teach and practice the prophetic wisdom of Jesus as expressed in the Beatitudes.

Bible Workbench
A unique year-long scriptural study program, edited by Bill Dols and others, that focuses on each Sunday's lectionary selection; available by subscription

Center for Courage & Renewal
CCR is an educational non-profit that strengthens individuals, professions, and communities through programs that renew our spirits and reconnect who we are with what we do. CCR offers retreats and training programs designed to help educators and other serving professionals, such as clergy, lawyers, healthcare, non-profit and community leaders, explore and reclaim their vocational passion in order to persevere and remain wholehearted in challenging circumstances.

Center for Spiritual Development
The Center is a ministry of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon. Offering award-winning programs since 1998 designed to increase and deepen spiritual, Biblical and religious literacy. As part of Trinity Cathedral, The Center is rooted and grounded in the Anglican communion and its traditions.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A large on-line library of classic Christian books for download or browsing.

C.S. Lewis Society of California
An educational and cultural organization of people interested in events, publications, and other developments that advance deeper understanding of the life, works, and ideas of C. S. Lewis and others who address the enduring philosophical, cultural, historical, literary, theological, social, and economic issues of mankind.

Our mission is to provide visitors with everything you need to live a better, healthier, and happier life...inspirational tools you can use to mend your body, mind, and spirit.

Faith and Wisdom
Information on lifelong learning opportunities.

Online sermons, discussion & study groups, music, art, film reviews, a virtual sanctuary and other excellent Christian resources.

Hollywood Jesus
Pop culture from a spiritual point of view

Christian worship and spirituality for individuals and communities seeking to have
worship and spirituality that is vital, transforming, and faithful.

One Good Act
A web community for spreading the good news by reading about and responding to other peoples’ acts of goodness as well as for recording your own experiences of grace.

Preparing for Sunday
Lectionary readings for use anytime, ready to add to your church's web site.

Explores the life, character, teaching and followers of Jesus of Nazareth.

Religions for Peace-USA
US coalition promoting multi-religious cooperation for peace and justice by building on the spiritual, human, and institutional resources of communities to enhance mutual understanding and act for the common good.

Serenity Beach
is an online sanctuary for finding peace, hope, comfort, and love through inspirational quotes, art, books, video, perspectives from world religions, and other resources for spiritual growth.


All Things Spiritual
Your gateway to spirituality on the net.

Spiritual Directors International
A multi-faith resource that helps seekers find paths to God through compassionate listening for the Spirit's guidance. Includes a global searchable database of spiritual directors around the world and across traditions.

Virtual Religion Index
For students of religion with little time.