Beyond Words: 15 Ways of Doing Prayer

by Kristen Johnson Ingram

 Beyond Words: 15 Ways of Doing Prayer by Kristen Johnson IngramTrade Paperback, pages 128
Published: September 2004
Publisher: Morehouse Publishing
ISBN: 0819219738 Price: $12.95

For people of faith, Ingram realized, there are many forms of prayer besides the ones we speak with our lips: Devout Jews bow while reading the Torah; Episcopalians stand, sit, or kneel in church; exuberant Christians raise their arms; and mystics of all denominations walk while murmuring the Jesus Prayer. As Christians, we can use our entire bodies to praise God, transforming simple acts like hearing music, looking at shafts of sunlight, or walking in the woods into acts of prayer that celebrate God’s presence in everyday life.

Beyond Words is a book for spiritual adventurers who seek new ways to pray. Readers can put into practice the concepts they find here, making the book not just a source of inspiration but a springboard to action that deepens their prayer lives and draws them closer to God.




Kristen Johnson Ingram is the author of more than twenty books, including Wine at the End of the Feast: Embracing Spiritual Change as We Age, and her latest, Beyond Words: 15 Ways of Doing Prayer. She is also a writing instructor and a licensed preacher in the Episcopal Church. She lives in Springfield, Oregon. 


Beyond Words: 15 Ways of Doing Prayer by Kristen Johnson Ingram
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