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The Chronicles of Narnia

Explore the Deep Mysteries of Mystical Narnia

Explore Narnia

Into Narnia
A short plot synopsis of C.S. Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

A House Full Of Unexpected Places
The house in Lewis’s Narnia stories is a place where children (and readers) enter into surprising realms of possibility.

Mr Tumnus and his Umbrella
Lewis tells us that his Narnia books began with a picture, one that had long remained in his mind, and which eventually impelled him to write, not one book, but seven.

Always Winter, Never Christmas
Lewis’s figure of snow melting is a good one, I think, to suggest how a person’s long coldness of heart may be changed, bit by bit, into a warmer, living heart for God.

The Lion Messiah
Lewis...resolved to write stories that would...strip away false and mandatory piety and leave the story of God’s sacrificial love in a wild and persuasive new guise, galloping with real momentum through fields of imagination.

Mystical Narnia
C.S. Lewis would never have described himself as a mystic. Even so he yearned for and may have experienced the vision of God.