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Boundless Love
Jesus didn't have boundaries like you and I have. We love boundaries.
"Here's my lot, and my lot line is here. The magnolia is on my
property. Where is your lot line?" We live that way with our love
also.... "These are the boundaries of my love. I can't give my love
away. Those people are on the other side of the boundaries. If I
give my love away to people like that, it'll probably run out.
It'll just disappear. I won't have enough for my kids and my

The truth is the more love you give away--the more people you allow
into your space--the more you've got to give. It always happens
that way. The more you love, the more love is there. God is not
going to let you run out. But we live by common sense and not by
spiritual sense.

--from the sermon "From Common Sense to Spiritual Sense"
by The Rev. Dr. Daniel P. Matthews

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