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A Thought for Thanksgiving
The grace of God--in it we live our lives, and if there is nothing
we can do to take that away, then there is nothing left for us to
do except to be God's grateful people, to offer up an overflowing
cup of thanksgiving back to God, a full cup of gratitude spilling
out of everything we say and do. Gratitude for the good. Gratitude
for the good that can come from the bad....

C.S. Lewis wrote, "I have noticed that the most balanced minds
praise the most, while the cranks and the misfits and the malcontents,
they are the ones who are the least grateful." When you read the
words of Paul, "And so I give thanks to God always," it makes you
want to go out and be less cranky yourself, be more grateful
yourself. It makes you want to be less distracted by those... notions
that we have to make ourselves. It makes you want to hold on for
dear life to the notion that we are floating through this life on
the grace of God.
--from the sermon "The Full Life"
by the Rev. Joanna Adams

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