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Living with Our Questions
It has been said that the hallmark of spiritual maturity is an
increasing capacity to tolerate ambiguity, paradox and uncertainty.
Certainty is an illusion anyway. The ability to tolerate both/and
rather than either/or is a sign of growth and deep trust. Sometimes
as human beings, we want sure and certain answers to questions of
meaning. The yearning for that certainty drives people toward
fundamental theologies that have tight, authoritative systems with
airtight formulas for salvation. Making friends with uncertainty
helps us affirm with Julian of Norwich that "all shall be well;
all manner of thing shall be well." Or in the words of Romans 8:28
"all things work together for good for those who love God and are
called according to his purpose." Not all IS good, but all things
work together.
--from the essay "Getting From Sunday to Monday:
Am I on the Right Path?"
by Linda Douty

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