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An Active Soul
The dictionary definition of activity is: 'an exertion of energy.'
Every human being can identify with that understanding of activity.
We certainly know how we feel when we have exerted too much energy.
We become depleted and exhausted. We then scurry about trying to
find ways to create more energy in ourselves, so that we can continue
to perform and produce activity at an acceptable level. The folly
of this strategy is that we never address the core issue of the
soul -- that of being participants in the great creative work of
God. Ideally, activity is not task-driven but inner-directed. We
are invited to 'show up' at life and exert our energy in being
astonished at the wonder of God, in becoming fully human and fully
alive, and in being a part of the imaginative creative development
of this enterprise called life. In other words, we were not created
simply to complete tasks that could be checked off from a daily
to-do list. We were created to 'become' and to 'participate.'

--From the essay "Simplicity of Activity"

by The Rev. Canon Renée Miller

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