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Taking the Time to Talk with God
Conversations with God are few and far between. Many of us struggle
to find enough time to pray, and when we do, oftentimes it's while
we're on the go. Though we may be able to incorporate prayer into
our busy schedules - while in the car, at lunch, at the gym - a
conversation with God requires that we become totally disconnected
from the world, and enter into God's holiness. This means that in
order to have a conversation with God, we must "forsake" worldly
dependence and trust in God's holy independence. This is not easy
to do, since we depend on basic conveniences to make our lives much
easier - palm pilots (of which I am guilty) and day timers, beepers,
pagers and cell phones.

However, for each of us to enter into dialogue with God, our spirits
must become the palm pilot and cell phone of life. We must make
frequent calls to God if we wish to nurture the relationship we
carry with the Creator. The next time we feel the urge to "beep"
or page someone, we should each go into a vacant room, sit and page
God. This one fact is true - God doesn't use call waiting. Call
God and talk.

--From the essay "The Art of Spiritual Conversation"
by The Rev. Allen F. Robinson

Read the essay in its entirety.


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