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A Reason for Hope
Can there still be healing and reconciliation? Do we think that God has somehow closed up shop? God suffers still with us and knows about our proclivities toward hate and violence. These are not new. God continues to work through our limitations to build unity and harmony---in spite of our divisions, lies, and hatred. Nothing can happen that God is not able to use for good---to turn around for
our benefit. Even the events of September are even now becoming a wake-up call to let us know how little we understand one another around this globe. It's not to late to do something about that. We can learn from the cost of violence and we can find ways to work together. We will find pardon in acknowledging and seeking to build bridges of understanding among all the peoples of the earth. God's
PARDON is still at work; be of good cheer.

-- From the sermon "Be of Good Cheer"
by the Rev. Dr. Robert Hansel

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