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The Basis of Hope
The Christian faith is essentially a religion of hope--an expectation
and longing for what cannot be seen. Hope lies at the heart of what
it means to be human--to be alive. In his letters to the Romans,
Paul certainly has few illusions about the world as it is. He knows
that God's children suffer. "We are accounted as sheep to be
slaughtered," he declares (Romans 8:36). And yet it is a world
groaning in labor pains--straining to give birth to new life--a
new creation. Paul's world is one conquered by hope instead of
fear, anxiety and despair. Therefore, Paul writes, "For in hope we
were saved."

"In hope we were saved." What can that possibly mean? What, after
all, is Christian hope?

Let me answer that with three simple sentences:

1. You are not alone.
2. You belong to God
3. You need not be afraid.

--from "Saved in Hope"
by Dr. John M. Muld

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