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Rules for Living
Find your gifts and talents. Find those things that, by temperament
or training, you find that you like so much that you would do them
for nothing. These sources of personal joy are as much if not more
a part of your life to be strengthened and affirmed as any seeming
spiritual shortcoming you seek to overcome. Don't forget, Gospel
means Good News. And there is to be an abiding sense of joy beneath
all the work we are called to do in this life for Christ's sake.
Do it for nothing, but the rewards will be great. Affirming the
joy as well as working on the areas in need of improving won't
happen overnight. Our habits are too deeply ingrained. This Lenten
Now is a call to a lifetime adventure of living in faith and in
relationship with God. As our friends in A.A. say, we will have to
do it "One day at a time."

--from "One Day at a Time"
by The Rt. Rev. Don E. Johnson

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