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On the Balcony with Dr. King
For many, many years, I must tell you, I wondered why was I there? Of all the places I could have been, of all the places he could have been, all the things we could have been involved in, why was I there at that moment in history? And God revealed it to me over the years. I was there to be a witness, and my witness has to be true. Martin Luther King, Jr., didn't die in some foolish, untoward way. He didn't overdose. He wasn't shot by a jealous lover. He died helping garbage workers. The fruits of his labor are with us now. A man with a Ph.D. degree, of all the things he could have been, he chose to use his gifts and his talents "for the least of these." And so we see the results of his fruit. Yes, we will slay the dreamer and see what happens to his dream. The dream is alive.... Aren't you glad God gives us another chance?

--From the sermon "Another Chance" by The Rev. Dr. Samuel "Billy" Kyles

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