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The Reality of Faith
When we enter a search for religious reality, we need to sit down
before a fact like a little child, exactly as the faithful scientist
does. We need to recognize that we have the capacity of faith,
which is God's way of helping us perceive the divine dimension of
reality. We know things of the spirit in that same kind of humility
that we know things with our eyes, our ears, our nose. Those organs
perceive things beyond themselves and allow them to enter into our

Faith is yet another avenue to knowledge; it is not an alternative
to knowledge. Therefore, in making up your mind about the great
alternate questions, I invite you to a kind of openness that believes
that truth is more important than anything else, and that God is
the source of all truth. If you will be honest in your asking,
seeking and knocking, if you'll open the windows of your soul 360
degrees and know that God has ways of making God's own reality
known to us through the capacity of faith, there will come... God's
moment when God will make God's own reality known to you in ways
that are profoundly authentic. It will be something from the outside
in and not from the inside out.

--from the sermon "Faith: Another Avenue to Knowledge"
by the Rev. Dr. John R. Claypool

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