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Living with the Saints
Saints aren't just the people officially sainted by the Roman Catholic Church; they are all believers, all who have chosen to follow the Way of the Christ, however imperfectly.

Not one of us fails to charge off the path and into the bramble bushes, sometimes quite frequently. Not one of us fails to get it wrong at least once a week and probably much more often than that.

It was a saint who invented that lovely prayer:

God, today I have not been nasty or rude;
I have not given or taken offense;
I have not done wrong;
I have fulfilled your will.
Now, God, please be with me,
because in a minute or so I'm going to have to get out of bed.

But saints have shown us that there is the possibility of living Godwardly in this life, however imperfectly we do it. Saints are simply people who have chosen to point their lives in what they believe is God's direction , and there are enough lives pointed in the same direction that it begins to look like a long procession of people, all walking the same path, keeping each other company.

--by Molly Wolf
from "Signposts Daily Devotions"

Signposts Daily Devotions

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