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Actively Letting Go
Letting go is a participatory process, not a passive one. Our task is to have the courage to identify what needs to be released, THEN be willing to work with God to let it go.

It's hard to let go of something until you know what you're grasping. It's also impossible to let go unless you're sincerely WILLING to be free of it. Sometimes we have an unspoken ego investment in holding on to what ails us.

Once we make the commitment, we watch for ways that we can cooperate with God's guidance. For instance, if we say we want to let go of our resentment but we continue to talk about "what a rotten thing they did," then we are not participating! We are reinforcing the negative pattern.

We must have response-ability---that is, engage our God- given ability to respond, rather than react.

--from "An Interview with Linda Douty,
author of How Can I Let Go if I Don't Know I am Holding On ?"

Linda Douty Interview

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