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Releasing the Reins
In the New Testament, Jesus hinted at the difficulty in controlling or defining the process of spiritual growth. He was often asked to define the Kingdom of God... and did he ever do that? No, he used similes and metaphors instead. He repeatedly stated, "the Kingdom is LIKE"... the lost coin, the pearl of great price, the treasure hidden in the field, etc. He told stories in an effort to explain the unexplainable, to make us understand that the rules of the Kingdom are radically different from those of our culture.

In the realm of personal spiritual growth, we make little progress by setting goals and seeking to achieve spiritual benchmarks. Scripture tells us that in the Kingdom the "last shall be first," that strength is to be found in weakness, that those who show up at 5 p.m. will get the same rewards as those who toil all day under the broiling sun!

In other words, if we try to grow spiritually using the measuring stick of success in our culture, we will experience repeated frustration. Clearly, there must be a different set of standards and methods for the realm of the spirit--those of allowing and participating in God's flow in our lives.

--Linda Douty
from "Getting from Sunday to Monday:
Barriers to Change"

Getting from Sunday to Monday

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