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A New Direction
The U-turn is a sign from God. God accepts U-turns in Judaism and
Christianity, and especially during our holy seasons. No matter how
far down the road of life we travel, whether the road be personal,
professional, religious, or simply an ill-advised path, U-turns are
permitted. When taken carefully, thoughtfully, and purposefully,
U-turns can steer us in the right direction. At the very least,
they can help us find a better route than the way we were previously
headed. This forty-day Lenten period is the Christian time designated
for rethinking and reconsidering the road we've been on, and not
being afraid to change directions. It's a time to take a look at
the spiritual road we've been traveling, and entertain new possibilities
for personal growth, a deeper relationship with God, better
relationships with those we claim to care about, and more love for
the least lovable among us, because they need it the most.

--from "A Sign From God" by Rabbi Micah Greenstein

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