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The Place for Pain
If you want to help the world, if you want to be of service, become
a person of faith, a person of hope, a person of love. When you do
that, you do the ministry of Christ. Soak up all of the anxiety and
anger and fear that is thrown at you, accept it but do not give it
back. Instead of projecting your anxiety and your anger and your
fear, put it on the cross of Christ. Nail it there with all of the
other suffering of the world. Go to the cross in your imagination
and in your prayer, and let the unconquerable faith of Christ be
yours, trusting even in the face of death. Let the unquenchable
hope of Christ be yours, courageous in the presence of the impossible.
Let the infinite love of Christ be yours, benevolent and compassionate
in the face of all that threatens.

--from "Miracles Within: God Turns Anxiety to Faith; Anger to Hope; Fear to Love"
by the Rev. Lowell Grisham

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