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Life's Warning Sign
Life without pain is a perpetually dangerous life. Yes, in a deep
and true sense, the pains of our life (physical, emotional and
spiritual) are a blessing. They alert us that something is
wrong, something is deeply amiss, something is in need of healing.

That commercial of several years ago for a painkiller - "I don't
have time for the pain." - well, it's wrong. Particularly when it
comes to the pain in one's soul - or a relationship - or heart -
and yes, in one's body. Pain is the blessed alert signal on our
life's radar screen. It signals us to give this pain our utmost
attention. Without the pain alert, life is dangerous. There can
be no authentic healing.

From the essay "Blessed Pain, Blessed Healing"
by the Rev. Dr. Douglass M. Bailey

Read the essay in its entirety.


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