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The Ongoing Story
Think of scripture as a progressive conversation among seekers after
God through centuries and across cultures. Then all the differing
points of view can be appreciated, and all the various views of God
can be tested against each other and against our experience in a
new place and time. Christians are folk who hold themselves accountable
to scripture and who hold scripture accountable to the tests of
faith they themselves experience. Today's faithful are those who
are putting God's promises to the test every day, by trusting them
and reflecting upon the results together as life unfolds. It's these
faithful today who are having a conversation with yesterday's
faithful through their last will and testaments. We will leave ours
behind also, becoming part of the stream of scripture and tradition
as they did before us.
--From the Question "How can the God of judgment and punishment,
as often portrayed in the Old Testament,
be reconciled with the concept of a God of love?"
by The Rev. Dr. Katherine M. Lehman

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