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Living in Christ's Light

Christ has pitched a tent in our lives. The light is here, and this
light will bring us both challenges and promises. He has pitched a
tent: Christ has set up camp and has lit a bonfire. And with the
presence of such a light in the world, we are given a reminder of
the presence of such a light within each one of us. And that, my
friends, is a scary thing....

The light serves as a beacon calling to us from across the desert,
from across the centuries. This light will call us to travel down
many roads. This call may be to return to the loving presence of
God - which we have known and understood at different times in our
lives. Or, the call may be to experience a new, transforming love
- like nothing we have ever known before. Yet, the same light that
calls us and warms us and welcomes us can burn through and reveal
our true selves. And what will be revealed by that light? If I may
hazard a guess . . . What will be revealed is no less than the
mirror image of that light. After all, we are made in the image of
the Creator. We are called to live as the Body of Christ. We have
the light within us - a gift and a challenge, a gift and a burden.
--From the sermon "The Light of Christ"
by Katherine Bush

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