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Living the Language of Faith
We need so desperately to model for our children the language of faith--a language
of deep trust, a language of an authentic relationship with the Holy One.
It is the second language of another kingdom, but it's the most important
language our children will ever learn. It will provide security for them
in their life. It will for adults as well. We each need to learn and learn
and learn again the second language of faith.

"My kingdom is not of this world," says Jesus. Here is the assurance
that God's kingdom is everlasting, reigning forever and ever. And the
deep truth of this kingdom is that God's kingdom is inside of you. That's
right. We don't learn that easily, but the language of faith informs us
over and over again that God's kingdom, that the King of Kings and Lord
of Lords who reigns forever… well that kingdom reigns inside of us
if it reigns in this world at all.

-- from the sermon " Living the Language of Faith"
by The Rev. Dr. Douglass M. Bailey

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