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Unfaltering Faith
Our Faith in God has its beginning, if it is to be more than some faulty human philosophical speculation, in an awareness and appreciation of God’s Faith in us--that we can and will stand together and, with forbearance and forgiveness, exercise humility, listening to one another and learning together. ... True Faith is not the product of our search for God but our recognition of the fact that, during every moment of our life, we are constantly encountering God’s Faith in us. That awareness and its celebration are the only basis for a living Faith. That orientation alone is the foundation for living gratefully, generously, and responsibly.
I promise you, God has Faith that every one of us has the capacity and opportunity to arrive at exactly that gracious, appreciative, and accurate perspective.

--The Rev. Dr. Robert R. Hansel
from the essay “What Can I Know for Certain?”

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