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Defining the Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God is like standing on your head and seeing the world upside down. It is seeing things differently. It is seeing things the way God apparently sees them. God, according to Jesus, sees greatness in small people and things and actions, in the seemingly insignificant people and events we tend to overlook. God
is looking for justice and fairness and peace. One Bible scholar says that 'Your Kingdom Come' should be translated "Set the world right."

To set the world right means to make the world a better place. It may surprise us to know that when Jesus tells us, his disciples, to pray for the coming of the kingdom, he means the outer conditions of the world as much, if not more, than in human hearts. Jesus was a social activist; he died to set the world right.

It seems to me that he would be urging us today to act for justice, to speak up for better schools, to get to the core of the causes of poverty and addiction. Jesus would tell us to talk more about peace and less about war. To build weapons of massive peace initiatives while we take action to protect innocent people from mass destruction. It is not always comfortable to raise these issues, but as Barbara
Taylor says, "Jesus needs followers, not admirers."

--from "Your Kingdom Come"
by Mimsy Jones

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