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Meditate with Music
In order to use music for meditation, it is important to note that meditation, in all its forms, provides an environment in which we can set aside the thoughts that move so constantly through our minds, and quiet ourselves enough to enter the Divine Presence. What is unique about using music with meditation is that the notes
and the tones themselves become the centering point--the mantra that calls us back when we are assailed with thoughts that pull us away from God. Listening to contemplative music in this attitude of meditation becomes, for us, a way to step into the presence of Divine Love, where we are freely and fully cradled and embraced. Einstein's sister once said that music put Einstein in a peaceful state of mind, which facilitated his reflection. May the beauty and awe-filled wonder of music create a place of hospitality where we can be with God and reflect on God's love for us and all humanity.

--from "Using Music to Hear the Holy"
by Renée Miller

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