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Doing Prayer
The truth filters down to earth through many screens and sieves, and I can't know while I'm on earth how valid the truth is about prayer. And that's a good thing. Prayer is - and should be - a mystery, the greatest mystery of all because in it you try to engage the God who is unknowable in ordinary conversation. In prayer you
call up the eternal and ask it to be revealed to the finite. Perhaps you whisper the Our Father as you fall asleep, and say grace over your food, and holler "Fix this!" at God when you watch the day's depressing news. But sometimes you can't find words, or you're so mad at God you can't form a sentence. Or maybe you feel verbally inadequate to express your love or anxiety or whatever. Or maybe it's just that the nonrational wins that day. You're not just a mouth attached to a brain: if God made all of you, then all of you needs to learn how to communicate with God, and doing prayer responds to that need.

--from "Beyond Words: 15 Ways of Doing Prayer"
by Kristen Johnson Ingram


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