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The Freedom of Letting Go
Each and every one of us has been a victim of the inequity of life.
We have all suffered pain and betrayal. Perhaps we were passed over
for a job promotion, or were diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps our
marriage is not fulfilling, or we've lost our lover. Perhaps our
financial future is bleak, or our child has died, or we've lost
someone or something near and dear to us.

Life is not always kind, and it is rarely fair. It is all too easy
to call to mind how we've been hurt and to feel anger at those who
inflicted the hurt. It's amazing how quickly we can condemn ourselves
and others with the thickest and most unrelenting judgment. How
often have we said the words, "I may forgive, but I can't forget"?
I tell you this --and I want you to get this; those very words are
the beginning of a nasty process that makes the heart grow as cold
and hard as solid stone. If you say you forgive, then forgive. If
you are willing to forgive, but are unwilling to forget, you have
not truly forgiven. Forgiveness is letting go - fully letting go -
completely letting go - totally letting go. Holding nothing back.
Just letting go.

--from "Imagine It. We might see God"
by Renée Miller


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