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The Things of God; the Things of Man
What I want to leave you with today is a serious question. I want you to recognize that Jesus is not now and never has been the legitimate source of any support for separating the so-called real world from God's world. We are expected to carry the truth of religion directly into the world of politics, business, and law. Now I'm not
talking about the specific doctrinal teachings of sectarian religion. I'm talking about the shared belief of all religious traditions that this whole world is God's own--all of it--and that you and I are a part of God's great Plan to bring all people into unity and harmony by our everyday actions and decisions.

Lent is all about the business of getting straight the message that this is God's world, a world so important that God does whatever it takes to show us his commitment and unconditional love. Each one of us--you and I--are challenged to resist false separations, barriers, walls that threaten to divide and isolate ideas, peoples, principles, and reality.

God's own Son came into the world in-person. He experienced and suffered every awful reality this world has to offer. He accepted all the loneliness, betrayal, suffering, and death we heaped upon him. Through that humility he made all those things holy. He bound together fully and finally the things of God and the things of
mankind. And his call to us is simple: Go and do likewise.

--from "Caesar's or God's?"
by the Rev. Dr. Robert Hansel


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