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Seeing through to the Soul
We are much more than our egos, thanks be to God. We are also souls. If we identify with our souls, then we begin to see things as God sees them. In the Gospels, Jesus taught us time and time again that God sees us as souls. Souls are eternal, egos and all things that are important to egos are not. If we see others as souls instead of only their egos, then following Christ's great teaching to love others as you love yourself becomes much easier. Compassion flows more readily when we realize that the person who injured our ego is also a soul just like us. Our egos fight. Our souls are untouched. Even if we are worlds apart in terms of our egos, we share the same divine spark of the Creator in our souls. We are all children of God and beloved by Him. Just as God loves us He commands us to love others as well.
-- from an essay on “The Spiritual Teachings of Ram Dass”


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