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All Knowing, All Loving
If you go to your favorite bookstore, you will find shelves of literature about mankind's search for God - all sorts of Bible study, meditation guides, and spiritual exercises that purport to offer you a shorter journey in your quest to discover God. You may very well find some resources there that are insightful and helpful. At the same time, you need to recognize that almost all of it is sheer speculation. Who among us is ready to claim complete understanding of the mind of God? Who among us has the right to claim that we can make infallible statements about what God thinks about this or that contemporary social issue?

Now here is, to me, a fascinating thing to ponder: Even as we acknowledge that the mystery of God is always beyond our comprehension or discovery, the exact opposite is true of God's knowledge of each one of us! God's knowledge of you is not partial, but complete. God understands everything about us, our innermost thought, without any speculation or distortion of any kind. Still, even with all our
faults and shortcomings, God loves us without any preconditions. God will never abandon us no matter how disappointing our thoughts and behavior may be. God patiently supports us and awaits our response of trust--no matter how long it takes. God has absolute faith in us.

--from "God's Faith in Us"
by The Rev. Dr. Robert R. Hansel

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