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God Is With Us
Just as God's transcendence assures us that we have meaning, God's immanence--that is, God's being as near to us as our very breath-- assures us that we are never alone or in total isolation--cut off from life and goodness, inconsequential as a grain of sand on the beach of earth. Because God is immanent we need never go through any experience believing that no one cares, no one understands, no
one will feel the pain with us. Not even when we feel alone. Not even when it seems we have been abandoned by those who said they loved us. Not even when the trials of life seem more than we can bear. Not even when our anger and agony are so deep as to be beyond words. God can be with us, understand us, and feel our pain, because God became a human--a human baby wrapped in swaddling cloths. God walked the talk.

So here we are at Christmas. It is good that over two millenniums ago a young virgin and her betrothed stumbled wearily into a stable. It was there, yes it was there that the God beyond us became the God among us--and in one cosmic moment, made us forever one.

--from the spoken meditation "God Is With Us"
by Renée Miller

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