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What is Holy?
Let me suggest to you that holiness is not what you think it is. In theological terms we talk about holiness as being 'set apart'--set apart for God. Even that, however, is a misunderstanding of the word. The actual root word is hool with "w" placed at the beginning, and it literally means whole. The simple duty of us all becomes
nothing more, nothing less than becoming whole. Holiness is the process by which we integrate the loose threads of our life into a whole tapestry of beauty and divine grace. This is a creative task for the entirety of our lives. The Good News is that we can set aside all the to-do lists of things that we think are required for
reaching some standard of moral and spiritual perfection, and open ourselves instead to the invitation and creative possibility of becoming whole in God.

--from "Being Real: Why Would You Want to be Holy?"
an excerpt by Renée Miller

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