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Our Bodies, Our Selves
We forget that aging is not the enemy. We have forgotten that in the fairy tales of our youth it is the wise old man who appears in the guise of Father Time to illuminate life's journey with redeeming light, not fear, and gently urges us to see life in its wholeness--to align the wisdom of the spirit with the wisdom of the body. In tales from other cultures, the old woman, the Crone, stands at the crossroads between heaven and earth giving simple directions of how to connect matter and spirit. These mythical figures, Father Time and the Crone, are archetypes who capture the wisdom of the ages. Theirs is a powerful message that has been lost in mainstream culture. They tell us that the natural process of aging is not to be feared; that when we make friends with our bodies and trust the process, a wondrous new understanding of our place in God's creation opens up.

--From "Growing Older: We are God's Creation even as we age"
by Sally Thomason

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