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Change from the Inside Out
If we try to grow spiritually using the measuring stick of success in our culture, we will experience repeated frustration. Clearly, there must be a different set of standards and methods for the realm of the spirit--those allowing and participating in God's flow in our lives. Even so, we have a tendency to take the values of "the
American Way" (though they work well in constructing a civilized society) and superimpose them on spiritual work. We end up trying to "fix" our moral behavior instead of entering into real transformation from the inside out-- rather like putting a Bandaid on something that needs surgery!

In order to enter into deep spiritual transformation, we must be open to new ways of thinking. That can be a frightening and disturbing proposition, and we can engage in all types of addictive behavior to protect us from CHANGE. We keep busy, buy more stuff, take fancier trips, get a younger spouse, fill our spiritual lives with projects instead of prayer. Even good works can sometimes stand in the way
of spiritual transformation--the good is often the enemy of the best. ...

--from the essay "Getting from Sunday to Monday: Barriers to Change"
by Linda Douty

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