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On Running Races
We are a people hungry for tenderness. Especially in these days of global fear, meanness on the streets, false victories, and unaffordable health care, we long for blessed kindness. We yearn for a little compassion towards those who are wounded, a little respect for those tossed on life's scrapheaps. As Leonato says in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," "There are no faces truer than those that are so washed [with kindness]. How much better is it to weep at joy than to joy at weeping!" We want to run races worth winning, not for the payout but for the sheer joy of getting there together. What better place to find God than as somehow wrapped up in these human longings shared by so many, and practiced more often than recognized. ...

--from "Focus on Film:'Seabiscuit'"
by Dr. Lee Ramsey

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