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The Eyes of Your Soul
How, then, can we live a life of peace and faith? How can we believe
that God is in charge? Well, some of us can and some of us can't.
And some who can't today will be able to tomorrow or next year.
Because it all depends on how we see the world. We can either see
life through secular eyes (You're born, you live, you die and that's
it) or we can see through the sure and certain hope that God has
bigger things in store for us; that deaths are commencements,
beginnings. Birth may not be the beginning of life in God for us,
and death is surely not the end of life in God for us....From the
beginning of time through this very day, life has not changed with
regard to the mystery of evil in a world created by a God of love.
Nor has life changed with regard to our need to see the life of
this planet through our soul rather than through the world's eyes.

--from "How Do You See?"
by The Rev. Canon William A. Kolb

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