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How Can I Live a Life of Faith?
By offering yourself to God. Ideally we do this day by day. But
sometimes we can't. Sometimes it is just too difficult or we are
too distracted by all that is going on around us. At those times,
we ask God to be patient with us until we can get back to offering
ourselves to God.

I have a good friend who is a monk at a monastery in the middle of
a large city. One day a woman was walking by the monastery. The
monastery is enclosed so that all one sees is the chapel and a fence
that separates the monastery from the outside world. On this day
the woman saw my friend sweeping the steps of the chapel. She stopped
and said, "You know, I have lived in this part of the city for years
and have passed by this monastery for years, and I have always
wondered about it." Pointing toward the cloistered buildings, she
asked, "What is it that you all do in there?" He looked at her with
the kind eyes that he has and said, "We fall down and we get up."

That is what the life of faith is about. We offer ourselves to God,
for the glory of God. And we fall down and we get up.

--from the question, "How Can I Live A Life of Faith"
by The Reverend John B. Fritschner

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