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Moving Toward the Sacred, Step by Step

Walking the labyrinth really somehow turns the key and the lock for
many people. Many people feel that they aren't living out what they're
here for; that they haven't found their sealed orders. And, of
course, sealed orders can change, too, as you move into a different
phase of your life.

When you're walking the labyrinth, it is symbolic of your path in
life. You realize that we're not only human beings on a spiritual
path; we're spiritual beings on a human path. That beautiful inversion
begins then as your spiritual self sees the bigger picture-- [you
realize] your presence here on earth is valuable, and you have
something to contribute.

Those are very good beginnings for us to get our feet on the ground,
to be able to understand, "Hey, we're here for a special reason,
each of us."

We're really in a cosmic dance--we're all on this planet together;
we're all walking the path together, whether we know it or not.

-- from "A Mirror of the Soul: Exploring the Labyrinth as a Tool for Spiritual Navigation" Interview with Lauren Artress

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